9 Aug

Nebraska vs. Arkansas St. Watch Party

WAHOOOOO!!!! It’s Time for Big Red Football!

Nebraska vs. Arkansas State

Saturday, Sept 2nd at 8pm EDT.

Bring your friends and even your Arkansas State friends to Potts Sports Cafe for our the kickoff of our second year as a watch group.

It’s always more fun to root for the Big Red with friends!

Come on out and support the watch-site to keep it going for this season. Tell your friends, share on Facebook, etc.
Feel free to join the Facebook group too!

We’ll see you at:

Pott’s Sports Café
6900 Daniels Parkway #26
Fort Myers, FL 33912

Pass the word for you fellow SW Florida Husker fans! Make sure your Snow Bird Husker fans know where to go!!!

Go Big Red!!!